Monthly Budget Plan

Richer Than You Think

It’s tough to enjoy life when you’re constantly stressed about money. Overdue bills, unexpected expenses, things you really want to have or do but can’t afford. We can help. We have a PROVEN approach that helps you get control of your money, pay off debts, build a cash safety net, and generate a surplus that you can use to live the life you want.

Richer Than You Think LLC (RTYT) is a nationwide personal budgeting and cash management service. We help people create and maintain successful budgets, build financial health, and learn how to plan and reach financial goals using their current income. Our services are provided remotely and so are unrestricted by location. We provide you with practical support and tools, as well as aspirational encouragement and validation as you make progress.

Financial Therapy Association


BUDGET expresses obligations and goals in dollars
CASH PLAN tells what to spend when, ensuring money always available when needed
COACHING reinforces progress, facilitates adaptation to changing circumstances

Small Business

BUSINESS PLAN either already exists and is / must be documented, or must be created
BUDGET expresses business plan in dollars
CASH PLAN supports critical cash flow management, day-to-day financial health of business
COACHING helps solidify progress, identifies risks, opportunities and appropriate shifts in strategy and execution

What We Can Do For You

  • Bill payment

  • Personal budgeting

  • Debt reduction

  • Daily Money management