What Our Customers Have to Say

“As a musician, my finances have been a constant source of worry in my life. As soon as I received a paycheck, it seemed that everything was spoken for, and my money was gone as soon as it came. My student loans and credit card debt have loomed large for years on end. I have consistently suffered from frequent overdrafts and fees. Finally, I decided to ask for professional help.”

“Purchasing the “Richer Than You Think” consultation and budget system has been the smartest thing I have ever done! The system provides step-by-step guidance for handling my finances and saving money.”

“Kathy created a spending plan tailored to my needs while guaranteeing a secure financial future.  I am learning how to budget for the first time in my life, and am no longer broke and stressed every 2 weeks.”

“The weekly consultations hold me accountable to my budget and are helpful in determining future goals. This is a foolproof system for saving money. It is a skill that everyone should possess, especially in today’s economy.”

“My experience is extremely positive.  This was life changing for me.  It is a huge confidence booster.  And it has taken a lot of stress away.”

“My ah-ha moment was that it defined specific amounts for living expenses each month, even for my fun things like shopping and eating out.”

“The Pre-committed fund took away a lot of stress because I know periodic expenses are covered and won’t throw my budget into a tailspin when they come due.”

“Having dedicated savings accounts with specific goals was motivating and took away temptations to dip into savings for frivolous purchases.”

“The weekly cash flow system, and the ability to see my checking account balances months in advance changed my life!”

“Thanks in a large part to you, we are in much better financial condition! We have paid off all credit card debt. Also we have paid off a federal student loan. And we have a month’s buffer in our checking! It brings us great peace of mind to know that we have enough money right now to pay for everything we need (and more) for this month.We appreciate all the knowledge, time, and support you gave us!”