“The weekly cash flow schedule is genius.”

“This changed our lives!  We have more money than we ever dreamed of.”

“We not only had a tight budget, but we had an expensive surprise take place.  I don’t know how we would have gotten through without RTYT. It held our hands every step of the way and was perfect.  We never ran out of money, and we paid all of our obligations.  And we had fun, too.”

“Money was always such a stress for me.  Not any more.  This is an amazing system that changed my life.  When I start talking about it with friends, I can’t stop!”

“I think differently about how I spend money now.  I find I am spending much more wisely, only buying what I really want.”

“I’m really impressed with how quickly my situation changed in just a couple of months.”

“I paid off debt, created an emergency fund, lived within my means, and had fun all at the same time!”

“I couldn’t believe I was worth as much as you showed me.”

RTYT for Small Business

Business Plan


In conjunction with your existing or a new business plan, we review existing revenue and expenses to see how they match the direction you want to go. A budget is then developed with specific sales, revenue and expense targets so that it expresses the business plan in dollars. Note that businesses can purchase the budget without the business plan.

Small Business Plan