Client Interview #1

When I decided to write a blog, I knew I wanted to include client interviews. I started Richer Than You Think LLC over 10 years ago knowing that I wanted to help individuals and families succeed with their everyday money. This meant helping them achieve what I call financial stability. I felt I had the education, experience and mechanics in place to provide a necessary and valuable service FOR my clients. And to a large extent, I did. But the insight I’ve received FROM my clients has added perspective, richness and education that has made me better as an advisor, coach, and business person, and is simply priceless. I am so excited to share my client interviews with you.

Here is Client Interview #1, with Jayki.

RTYT: How long have you been a client?

Jayki: 3 years.

RTYT: What made you choose to seek budget help, and why did you choose Richer Than You Think?

Jayki: My financial life felt unmanageable. I didn’t have the tools to rein it in. I needed a professional’s opinion on what to do. I found RTYT from a trusted referral.

RTYT: Had you tried budget help before?

Jayki: I had taken a course from another personal finance company, but no professional help or coaching.

RTYT: You were a RTYT client for about a year, took a break, and then came back. How did your experience differ between the two segments of service/coaching?

Jayki: When I became a client the first time, I wasn’t ready to take it seriously. I knew the service was essential, but I wasn’t ready to be accountable. I wasn’t ready to scale back my lifestyle to get my finances in order, which meant attacking my student loans. I came back when I reached the point of really being ready to focus on financial stability, which meant putting an end to avoiding the loans. Once I made that decision, adjusting lifestyle was easy because the financial stability was more important.

RTYT: What makes this service work for you?

Jayki: Accountability, coaching, tools and personal service. My annual budget and weekly implementation plans provide reference, spending boundaries, and dollar assignments. This helps prevent drifting off into the gray. I feel like our work together is a partnership; we celebrate victories together. The personal nature of the service speaks to me; your firm genuinely cares about my progress. This personal aspect is really helpful; I’m not alone.

RTYT: We focus on helping clients achieve what we call Financial Stability (No debt outside of mortgage; Fully funded emergency fund; Meaningful, regular savings into retirement). How important is Financial Stability to you, and how different does it feel from building wealth?

Jayki: Financial Stability comes first. It’s like learning to crawl before learning to walk. You can’t build wealth if you can’t manage your day to day finances. Financial Stability is real and now vs. a far-off dream. It’s an action step toward wealth. But it’s also necessary if you don’t want to build wealth. It stabilizes you financially so you can make your own choices going forward. The beauty of your service is it’s fundamental for everyone: financial stability strategy, budget, implementation, celebration of achievements.

RTYT: What goal are you currently working on?

Jayki: It was originally paying off my student loans, and we made some important progress on the smaller ones. But since the rest are large, it will take several years. So I’m building my emergency fund to feel more protected. Then all of my surplus will go to the remaining loans. I’m doing this while not feeling deprived in my life. I was terrified of this originally which is why it took long for me to seek help. You have shown me that I can have both. That’s rewarding and freeing.

RTYT: How necessary is the coaching to you?

Jayki: It’s invaluable to have a coach to reach out to. You’re not a far off spreadsheet or entity I’ve never met.  As I said earlier, you care about my progress. In fact, you were the first person I wanted to tell when I paid off one of my loans! Not everyone needs coaching, but I do. For me it’s really useful.

RTYT: What’s next for you, after you reach financial stability?

Jayki: To start learning about investing.

RTYT: Sometimes it can seem hard to spend money on budgeting/financial help if you feel your finances are out of control. Can you speak to the value of the service relative to the price?

Jayki: Personally, I think it’s a steal for the value I get. Can’t put a price on peace of mind, and that’s what this service provides to me.

RTYT: What else would you like to share with readers?

Jayki: Whatever your fear is in terms of getting your finances in order and moving to financial stability, just reach out and have a conversation. RTYT is so open, warm and inviting. It’s worth looking into vs. staying silent and in fear. Plus, they are willing to go the extra mile with any situation. Also, I would like to meet other clients. I thrive on community, and having a community around this subject, where we are all pursuing Financial Stability together, would be really helpful and positive.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading Jayki’s perspective about the value and importance of fixing your finances, and seeking help to do so. Even if all you need is help putting a budget together. Or you need help prioritizing what to do first. A financial coach can get you on track efficiently. Don’t be afraid or intimidated. I always say, take a step. Maybe getting help is the best next step for you.

Jayki, thank you for being so generous with your time, and for your willingness to be interviewed for my blog.